15 May, 2018




Congress timeline

24 May


Neurosurgical dissection course by Prof Jacob Bertram Springborg
18.00-20.00 Welcome Reception and Congress opening at the V-SPA Conference Centre
25 May


Scientific programme of the Congress
Conference of neuronurses (please click here for the programme)

Bus transfer from the V-SPA hotel to the Estonian National Museum
Guided tour to the Estonian National Museum (gala-dinner pre-registration is required)
Gala dinner at the Estonian National Museum (pre-registration is required)
26 May 9:00-12:30 Scientific programme of the Congress

Friday, May 25, 2018

9:00-10:40 Neuro-oncology
Arimantas Tamašauskas, Kaspars Auslands
9:00-9:30 Meningiomas
Tiit Mathiesen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
9:30-10:00 Skull base meningiomas: selection of approach
Arimantas Tamašauskas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania
10:00-10:20 Impact of utilizing 5-aminolevulinic acid for fluorescence-guided surgery of patients with glioblastomas
Tõnu Rätsep, University of Tartu, Estonia
10:20-10:40 Ectopic ACTH-secreting pituitary adenomas within the sphenoid sinus
Toomas Asser, University of Tartu, Estonia
10:40-11:00    Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Trauma
Saulius Ročka, Andres Asser
11:00-11:30 PRxs and optCPP in managing of TBI patient: threshold or trend to follow?
Tomas Tamošuitis, Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, Lithuania
11:30-11:50 Early levels of GFAP and NF-L in predicting the outcome of mild TBI
Iftakher Hossain, Turku University Hospital, Finland
11:50-12:10 On management of optimal cerebral perfusion pressure for sever traumatic brain injury patients
Aidanas Preikstaitis, Vilnius University State Hospital, Lithuania
12:10-12:30 Severe traumatic brain injury: Estonian perspective
Sten Saar, North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia
12:30-13:30        Lunch
13:30-14:30 Spinal neurosurgery
Leho Kõiv, Väino Sinisalu
13:30-14:00 Evidence based surgery of degenerative spine
Ville Leinonen, University of Oulu, Finland
14:00-14:30 Prediction of spinal imbalance for different spine alignment profiles
Gunaras Terbetas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
14:30-15:00 Coffee break
15:00-16:40 Vascular
Toomas Asser, Juha Jääskeläinen
15:00-15:30 Outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
Juha Jääskeläinen, Kuopio University Hospital, Finland
15:30-16:00 New insights into pathophysiology and treatment of SAH from basic and clinical science studies
Peter Vajkoczy, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
16:00-16:20 Microvascular decompression in treatment of recurrent trigeminal neuralgia
Konstantin Gordienko, St-Petersburg State Hospital #2, Russia
16:20-16:40 Predisposition to negative outcomes and emotional health problems after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
Artur Vetkas, Tartu University Hospital, Estonia
19:00 Bus transfer from V-SPA hotel to the Estonian National Museum
19:15-20:00 Free tour to the Estonian National Museum
20:00 Gala dinner in the Estonian National Museum
23:00 Bus transfer from the Estonian National Museum to the V-Spa Hotel

Saturday, 26 May, 2018

9:00-10:00 Neuromodulation
Tõnu Rätsep
9:00-9:30 Spinal cord stimulation - why and how to treat neuropathic pain patients with neuromodulation?                        
Ville Puisto, Orton Ltd, Orthopaedic Hospital, Finland
9:30-10:00 Tailored DBS: Towards a symptom-oriented Deep Brain Stimulation
David Pedrosa, Universitätsklinikum Marburg, Germany
10:00-10:30 Trauma
10:00-10:30 Biomarkers in the diagnostics of TBI - a glorious future?
Olli Tenovuo, Turku University Hospital, Finland
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Varia
Artur Vetkas, Artyom Dougan
11:00-11:20 Stereotactic management of multiple bacterial brain abscesses
Orest Grigenas, Vilnius State University Hospital, Lithuania
11:20-11:50 CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery in complex treatment of skull base tumors
Vladislav Buryk, Stereotactic radiosurgery center Sigulda, Latvia
11:50-12:10 Image guided intracranial biopsy - a case series
Elli Paal, North Estonia Medical Center, Estonia
12:10-12:30 Long term results of reconstructive brachial plexus surgery with multiple nerve transfers, based on 5 cases
Tarmo Areda, North Estonia Medical Center, Estonia
12:30 Business meeting of the Baltic Neurosurgical Association